What we do

Create. Innovate.

Websites and apps

We can design and build websites and apps for all platforms, and for both mobile and desktop. We specialise in knowing which design, style and functionality will work best for your business.

Cutting edge design
The latest digital functionality
Optimised for both mobile and tablet
Video integration
Social media integration
Blog / News integration
CMS systems
SEO optimised

Print Design

Having worked on some of the UK’s leading magazine titles for over 10 years, as well as on specialist brochures and publications (and everything in between), it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing when it comes to print design. Despite digital taking over, there’s still a place for great print design and the tangible nature of it makes it that much more rewarding. Whether it’s a commercial project or editorial publication, we can produce striking print designs and also help you decide what to print it on.

Magazines (editorial and B2B)
All other marketing material
Cover Art

Interactive iPad creative

Bespoke interactive iPad creative is a new medium that few offer as part of a creative service. We have created projects for big brands who have pushed out into this new medium since magazines and publications started going digital. We can produce interactive iPad creative – editorial or advertising – that engages with the audience in a unique way, offering a new level of involvement with the viewer that can only be made possible through the use of the tablet.

Interactive advertising and editorial creative
360° object rotations
Video interaction
Slideshow galleries
Interactive articles
Unique content


Getting your branding right is essential in today’s visual world. We’ll create an identity unique to your business that will work within your area of expertise. We have created brands for a hugely diverse range of clients. We can create and apply your brand to anything:

Business cards and stationary
Product packaging
Cars / other vehicles
Business reports and other documents
Objects (glasses, mugs, pencils, etc
& anything else you can think of!

This video was Art Directed by Ten-Em for Dunlop/Haymarket Publishing and shot and edited by Neil Carey.

Video and Photography

Ten-Em Media works closely with a talented and diverse group of videographic and photographic freelancers. We take care of the art direction on our clients behalf and produce shoots that are of a high quality and visually stunning. We can shoot in the studio or on location, and have art directed everything from all-action car reviews to macroscopic product shoots. Now the web is so much more powerful with the increase in broadband speeds, the introduction of 4G and YouTube ever more influential, we are constantly expanding our uses of high res photography and particularly video. There are always new and exciting ways to integrate these mediums into any project.

Photographic and video shoots on location or in the studio
A wide portfolio of videographers and photographers
We specialise in car shoots both on circuits and roads
Product shoots
Model-based shoots (fashion and corporate)
Aerial photography (using drones)
Short films
Motion graphics
Editing and reprographics (post production)

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